Disney Princesses as sloths.

but why

why not


sup fartwads

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Poehler and Pally killing it during a Back to School Freestyle Rap Battle.

Scott Aukerman, Amy Poehler, and Adam Pally (as David Feine) on Comedy Bang Bang 123, No Scoop For You (x)

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Congrats to all of the Veeple at Veep, for their NINE 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominations! #ibelievethatveepwillsweep

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kathryn!!! i miss you but i’m glad things are going well!

TALIA I’M ALIVE!!!!!!! And I missed you too. Things are going really great right now, so I’m very happy!

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Life update. I only feel this is necessary because, I have been really absent for like a few weeks.

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Give me a fucking gun, I’ll shoot his balls off.

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Too blessed to be stressed ✌️

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I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise. 🔥

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Fourth of July with a few of my favourite people. #hersheypark 🇺🇸

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i just want to sit on your lap and make out for like eight hours

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thanks girl *ram emoji*

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